Applet: the parabola and the circle dualities

Instruccions for using the applet. The applet opens two windows allowing to simultaneously visualize the primal and the dual spaces (or, alternatively, both dual spaces, if whished).
It has the following characteristics:

  • A button allows choosing, for each window, the space that you wish to visualize:
    • Primal
    • Dual 1, corresponding to the parabola duality
    • Dual 2, corresponding to the circle duality
  • You can create your objects (points and lines) in any of the two windows, as desired. A button allows to choose, for each window, the kind of object to be created.
    • Points are created by clicking with the mouse.
    • Lines are created by clicking with the mouse and dragging.
  • Placing the cursor on a created object in one of the windows highlights the objet and its dual in the other window.
  • It is possible to modify the size of the two windows independently, by using the bar placed below each window.
  • A button allows introducing an image as background in each of the windows. Images must be in jpg format. Once an image has ben uploaded, a button allows to eliminate it.
  • The reset button deletes all created objects from both windows.
  • To exit the application, use the backwards button of your browser or close the browser window.

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