In the 2021/2022 academic year I will be teaching (part of) the following courses:

Other courses in which I have taught recently:

Supervision of BSc and MSc projects

  • Revisiting Graph Sampling for map comparison. Jordi Aguilar. BSc thesis (Data Science degree), 2021.
  • Efficient implementation of a map construction algorithm. Víctor Luque. BSc thesis (Informatics degree), 2021.
  • Optimal coordinated motions for two square robots. Víctor Ruiz. MSc thesis (MAMME), 2019. Supervisors: Rodrigo Silveira and Vera Sacristán.
  • Production matrices and enumeration of geometric graphs. Guillermo Esteban. MSc thesis (MAMME, co-directed with C. Huemer), 2018.
  • Geomasking: analysis and comparison of algorithms for perturbed point sets.  Raúl Gómez. BSc thesis (Informatics degree), 2018.
  • Compatible Hamiltonian paths and cycles. Oriol Porta. BSc thesis (Mathematics degree), 2017.
  • Dynamic real-time collision detection for packaging robots. Ronald van Zon. MSc thesis (TU Eindhoven, co-directed with K. Buchin), 2015.
  • Hiking map construction based on GPS trajectories. Enle Lin. BSc thesis (Mathematics degree, co-directed with V. Sacristán), 2015.
  • Analysis of algorithms for hiking trajectories based on GPS data. David Durán. BSc thesis (Informatics degree, co-directed with V. Sacristán), 2015.
  • Higher-order Delaunay triangulations in practice. Matias Reparaz and Natalia Rodríguez. Licenciatura (equiv. MSc) thesis (Computer Science Dept., Universidad de Buenos Aires), 2014.
  • Development of a QGIS plugin to simplify geometries with constraints. Albert Ferras. BSc thesis (Informatics degree), 2013.
  • Extraction of maps from hiking GPS trajectories. Oriol Porta. BSc thesis (Informatics degree), 2013.