Lunch will take place at the cafeteria of the Faculty of Physics, in a different building 5 minutes away from the venue.


In your registration pack, you will receive three lunch tickets.

Lunch will consist of a salad dish, a dessert, a bottle of water or glass of wine, and a main course (actually, as many main courses as you want!).

In more detail, it works as follows:
1) Take a tray and a plate.
2) Choose whatever you want from the salad buffet.
3) Pick your drink: small water bottle (still or sparkling) or glass of wine.
Other drinks have an additional cost, which you would have to pay by yourself.
4) Pick your dessert: yogurt, fruit,…
5) Give one lunch ticket to the cashier.
6) Pick a glass and some bread.
7) Take a seat wherever you want.
8) In addition to your salad, you can pick a main course from the central area of the dining room. The options will be (usually from left to right): some fish, some meat, some vegetables, pasta or rice, soup, or pizza. You can take as many of these as you want.