The members of the group belong to the Department of Mathematics. They are located in different UPC campuses, but most of them are at the Campus Nord in Barcelona.

The research of the DCCG group is structured into two broad research lines: one on computational geometry and applications, and one on discrete and combinatorial geometry.


Research line on Computational Geometry and Applications (CGA)

Merce ClaverolMercè Claverol
Graduate in Mathematics, PhD in Mathematics

carlosCarlos Seara
Graduate in Mathematics, PhD in Mathematics

rodrigoRodrigo I. Silveira
Graduate in Computer Science, PhD in Computer Science
Coordinator CGA research line.
Contact person DCCG group.

Research line on Discrete and Combinatorial Geometry (DCG)

Carmen HernandoCarmen Hernando
Graduate in Mathematics, PhD in Mathematics

Clemens Huemer

Graduate in Mathematics & Computing, PhD in Mathematics
Coordinator DCG research line.

MerceMoraMercè Mora
Graduate in Mathematics, PhD in Computer Science

julianJulian Pfeifle
Graduate in Mathematics, PhD in Mathematics

supervised by group members

Guillermo Esteban

BSc in Mathematics and Informatics, MSc in Mathematics


Carlos Alegría-Galicia (PhD student, defended in 2018)
Aaron Dall
Pilar Cano (PhD student, defended in 2020)
Roser Guardia
Dolores Lara (Postdoc)
Matias Korman (Postdoc)
Inês Matos (Postdoc)
Montserrat Manubens
Antonio Montes
Arnau Padrol (PhD student, defended in 2013)
Belén Palop
Vera Sacristán (coordinator of the group 2014-2020)
Maria Saumell (PhD student, defended in 2011)
Joan Trias
David Wood


Ferran HurtadoFerran Hurtado
Graduate in Mathematics, PhD in Sciences (Mathematics)
Ferran Hurtado created and was responsible for the group from 1993 until he passed away in 2014.