Information for students and postdocs

Information for postdocs and experienced researchers

The group welcomes postdoctoral researchers. Many postdocs have visited the group during the last years, working in different topics in discrete and computational geometry.

The main sources of funding for postdocs from Spanish agencies are:  Juan de la Cierva-Formación, Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación, and the Ramón y Cajal contracts. The Catalan agency funds the Beatriu de Pinós contracts.

At the European level, a very good option are the individual fellowships (IFs) from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.

Researchers interested in carrying out a postdoctoral stay at our group are encouraged to contact the group members to explore possible research topics and funding sources.

Information for students

The group members regularly supervise student research projects in topics related to the group’s research interests.

Research projects can take place at several levels:

  • BSc or MSc graduation projects (i.e., TFG / TFM)
  • Collaboration grants for BSc od MSc students (e.g., MECD grants)
  • PhD theses (Spanish available grants are FPU, FI, and FPI-UPC)

Possible research topics

The following list gives only a few examples. Interested candidates are encouraged to go through the publications of the different group members to find topics that can be of their interest.

  • Algorithms for GPS trajectory analysis. Design, analysis and implementation of algorithms to process GPS trajectories, for example, to produce maps or detect movement patterns. Contact person: Rodrigo Silveira.
  • Algorithms for terrain analysis. Design, analysis and implementation of algorithms to process terrains models. For example, to produce the parts of a terrain that are visible from a given set of points. Contact person: Rodrigo Silveira.
  • Combinatorial Geometry. Contact person: Clemens Huemer.
  • Location and domination in graphs. Contact person: Mercè Mora.
  • Restricted orientation geometry. Contact person: Carlos Seara.

Examples of recent student projects

Further information

Students interested in carrying out a project in one of the research topics of the group should contact the group member with whom they are interested in collaborating, or can also contact the responsible person of the group, Rodrigo Silveira.