Bank holidays during the period

  • May 1, labor day
  • May 21, pentecost

Local festivities that may interest you

Monday, April 23. Dia del llibre i la rosa

On Sant Jordi (saint Jorge’s day), the city of Barcelona is invaded by books and roses. The date coincides with the beginning of Spring, as well as with the burial of Miguel de Cervantes and the death of William Shakespeare (according with the Julian calendar; he died on May 3 according to the Gregorian calendar), in 1616. Traditionally, boys give girls a rose and girls give boys a book. As reported by the media, 1.6 millions books and 6 millions roses were sold in Catalonia in April 23, 2017. It is really impressive to see hoy many Barcelonians walk the streets visiting the book and roses’ stands placed along them. Do not miss visiting the streets Rambla de Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia and La Rambla on this day!
Thursday, May 31. L’ou com balla

On Corpus Christi it is worth visiting l’ou com balla (the dancing egg) in the courtyards of many of Barcelona’s historical buildings. Particularly, in the cloister of Cathedral, and the courtyards of the Casa de l’Ardiaca, Ateneu Barcelonès, Archives of the Crown of Aragon (at the Lloctinent Palace), among many other places. The origin of this tradition, started in the XV century, is not totally clear. Find more information here and here.
Sunday, June 3. Sitges flowers festival

Also related to the Corpus Christi festivity, the catifes de flors (flowers carpets) cover the historical streets of Sitges. From 6pm on Saturday, the Giants Gather at Cap de la Vila. From around 8pm, flowers arrive and volunteers start sketching designs on the streets. They will be working on these until late into the night. From Sunday early morning, you will be able to visit them. More information here (sorry, no English version), here, and here.
Thursday, June 7 – Sunday, June 10. Tast a La Rambla

Gastronomic tapas festival. Located at the bottomost part of La Rambla, downtown Barcelona, it gathers 50 well known restaurants, tapas bars, and cake shops, who prepare small portions of their specialties. Further information here.