1. By plane

1.1. Airports and terminals

Barcelona’s airport (El Prat, IATA code BCN) has two main terminals: Terminal 1 (newest and used by most major airlines) and Terminal 2 (older, used mostly by low-cost airlines). The terminals are connected by a free shuttle bus that takes about 10 minutes. Especially when traveling from BCN, make sure to check from what terminal your flight departs.

Some flight search engines offer flights to/from Girona-Costa Brava’s airport (IATA code GRO) as if this was an airport serving Barcelona. Girona is a nice city, but please be aware that it is located almost 100 Km north of Barcelona.

Up-to-date information about flights leaving from and arriving at any of the two airports can be found in the website of the airport at AENA.

1.2. From Barcelona’s Airport (BCN) to CRM, Vila Universitària or Hotel Campus

Step 1: From Barcelona’s Airport (BCN) to downtown Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya)

Aerobus: Blue buses leave from outside the terminal buildings (both T1 and T2) and take you downtown Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya, in front of a department store called El Corte Inglés). Ride time will depend on the time of the day but, traffic permitting it is about a 30-45 minutes ride (allow extra time when taking it during rush-hours: 7 to 9 am and 5 to 7 pm). One way ticket costs € 5,90 and two-ways € 10,20 (will be good for up to 15 days after purchase). You can buy the tickets inside the bus or on-line​​). For information on AEROBUS timetables click here.

Night bus: During the whole night there is also a night bus (nitbus N17) connecting Plaça Catalunya with the airport, although is considerably slower than the Aerobus. More information can be found here (currently not in English).

Taxi: There are plenty of them. Follow the signs at your arrival terminal. A trip to the city center should take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions, and cost around € 30-35. Ask the driver to take you to Plaça Catalunya, and more precisely, to the “Zurich” cafeteria. You can also ask the taxi driver to take you directly to destination. If so, tell the driver that you want to go to the Universitat Autònoma. Within the university campus, the CRM is located in the “Facultat de Ciències” building. The trip shuld cost around € 50-55. You can find official information about taxis in Barcelona here.

Step 2: From Plaça Catalunya to CRM, Vila Universitària or Hotel Campus

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC): In Plaça Catalunya, look for the FGC station (do not confuse it with a metro station or a RENFE train station: always look for this symbol ). The following map should help you find the FGC station.

Connection in Plaça Catalunya

Once in the station, take a train of lines S2 or S6. If you are heading for the CRM, get out at station “Universitat Autònoma”, if you are heading to the Vila Universitària or the Hotel Campus, get ot at station “Bellaterra”. Trains are frequent (10-12 per hour at rush hours, 4-5 per hour at peaceful hours), and the trip is 32-35 minutes long. You can check the timetable and other details by clicking here. The trip from Barcelona Plaça Catalunya to Universitat Autònoma or Bellaterra requires a two-zone ticket or 10-trip two-zone card (T10). From the station, walk to destination (see the campus map).

1.3. From Girona-Costa Brava’s Airport (GRO) to CRM, Vila Universitària or Hotel Campus

Step 1: From Girona-Costa Brava’s Airport (BCN) to downtown Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya)

In connection with Ryanair flights, there is a transfer bus to Barcelona run by the Sagalés company. This bus line number is 604. Check prices and timetable here. This bus will take you to the Barcelona Nord bus station in about 75 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

From there, go the the metro station Arc de Triomf , just in front of the bus station. Look for this sign  to find the metro station. In the metro station take line 1 (red) towards Hospital de Bellvitge, and get off at Plaça Catalunya, which is 2 stops away by metro. If by mistake you get into the train station also called Arc de Triomf, take any train stopping at Plaça Catalunya, wich is 1 stop away by train.

Step 2: From Plaça Catalunya to CRM, Vila Universitària or Hotel Campus

Follow the instructions given in the above step 2.

2. By train

If you arrive in Barcelona by train, you will probably arrive at “Sants” station. From Sants, you can take a local train or a metro to Plaça Catalunya, and continue as above (step 2).

3. By car

The UAB Campus is located near the A7 (E15) motorway. Coming from the North, take the A7 (E15) motorway in direction Tarragona. After Km 147, switch to E9 (also B30) at the point signposted “Universitat Autònoma”, then stay on B30, ignoring the next three exits to Sabadell. Take the exit marked “Universitat Autònoma”.

Coming from the South, take the motorway A7 (E15) in direction Girona and France, switch to B30 (E9) near the Hospìtal General de Catalunya, til you reach the exit named “Universitat Autònoma”, that leads you to the bridge over the A7 to the Campus.
CRM location: 41º 30′ 1″ N, 2º 6′ 32″ E
Vila Universitaria and Hotel Campus location: 41º 30′ 0″ N, 2º 5′ 42″ E