Departament de Matemàtiques
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Main areas of research. Computational geometry, discrete and combinatorial geometry, and graph theory.

The Group. Research activities in Computational Geometry started at the UPC in the early nineties, with the work of Professors Hurtado, Noy, Serra and Trias. An official Group of Research was created in 1993, under the responsibility of Prof. Ferran Hurtado, who led the group until his death in October 2014.

Since its beginning, the activities of the group have been supported by projects funded by the Catalan and Spanish governments, integrated actions with several European countries (Germany, Austria, and France), specific projects with researchers from USA, and more recently also by the European project ComPoSe, which was part of the European research program EuroGIGA. In addition, the group has taken part in several thematic networks (in locational analysis, image synthesis and processing, computational algebra), and is a recognized research group by the government of Catalonia (SGR).

Examples of recent research topics

domination kgons
Location and domination in graphs Number of empty k-gons
polytopes restricted_geom
Polytope representation theory Restricted orientation geometry
terrain_vis trajectories
Terrain visibility problems GPS trajectory analysis
modular_robots delta3
Algorithms for modular robots Algorithms for unique-purpose robots