PhD school on Recent Trends in GD&NV


Patrizio Angelini
U. Tübingen, GermanyPatrizio Angelini received his PhD in Computer Science in 2010 from the University of Roma Tre, Italy. After that, he was a Post-doc Fellow at the same University till 2015, when he moved to the University of Tübingen, where he is currently appointed as Research Assistant.
His main interests are in Graph Algorithms, with particular focus on Graph Drawing, Computational Geometry, and Network Visualization. He published over 70 papers in international conferences and journals of the above fields.
David Auber
U. Bordeaux I, France
Anna Lubiw
U. of Waterloo, CanadaAnna Lubiw is a professor in the Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada. She has a PhD in computer science from the University of Toronto (1986) and a Masters in combinatorics and optimization from the University of Waterloo (1983).
Her research is in the areas of Graph Drawing, Computational Geometry and Graph Algorithms.
She serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications and the Journal of Computational Geometry.
Hans-Jörg Schulz
Aarhus University, DenmarkHans-Jörg Schulz received his PhD from the University of Rostock, Germany in 2010 with a thesis on “Explorative Graph Visualization”. He has since worked in the areas of Visual Analytics and Information Visualization, with extended research stays at IBM Research in the US, TU Graz in Austria, and Fraunhofer IGD in Germany. As of May 2018, he is an Associate Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, where he pursues his current research interest in modular and progressive visualization. In his free time, he is collecting tree visualizations at