Accepted papers

The booklet of abstracts is available here.

  1. Anna Brötzner and Oswin Aichholzer. Two Equivalent Representations of Bicolored Order Types
  2. Helena BergoldStefan FelsnerMeghana M. Reddy and Manfred ScheucherUsing SAT to study plane substructures in simple drawings
  3. Jan Kynčl and Jan Soukup. Many views of planar point sets
  4. Lucas Meijer and Till MiltzowSometimes Two Irrational Guards are Needed
  5. Patrick Schnider and Simon WeberOn the Complexity of Recognizing Nerves of Convex Sets
  6. Tsuri Farhana and Matthew KatzSpanners under the Hausdorff and Fr{\’e}chet Distances
  7. Stefan Felsner, Johannes Obenaus, Sandro Roch, Manfred Scheucher and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Flip Graphs for Arrangements of Pseudocircles
  8. Frederik Brüning, Anne Driemel, Alperen Ergür and Heiko Röglin. On the number of iterations of the DBA algorithm
  9. Michaela Borzechowski and Simon WeberOn Degeneracy in the P-Matroid Oriented Matroid Complementarity Problem
  10. Helena Bergold, Manfred Scheucher and Felix SchröderHoles in convex drawings
  11. Honglin Zhu and Hyuk Jun Kweon. Maximum overlap area of a convex polyhedron and a convex polygon under translation
  12. Sujoy Bhore, Robert Ganian, Liana Khazaliya, Fabrizio Montecchiani and Martin NöllenburgExtending Orthogonal Planar Graph Drawings is Fixed-Parameter Tractable
  13. Jacobus Conradi, Anne Driemel and Benedikt Kolbe. $(1+\eps)$-ANN data structure for curves via subspaces of bounded doubling dimension
  14. Mark de Berg and Geert van Wordragen. Improved Bounds for Discrete Voronoi Games
  15. Merce Claverol, Andrea de Las Heras Parrilla, David Flores Peñaloza, Clemens Huemer and David Orden. On polynomials associated to Voronoi diagrams of point sets and crossing numbers
  16. Max van Mulken, Bettina Speckmann and Kevin Verbeek. Density Approximation for Kinetic Groups
  17. Fabian Klute and Marc van KreveldOn the Size of Fully Diverse Sets of Polygons using the Earth Movers Distance or Wasserstein Distance
  18. Camille Lanuel, Francis Lazarus and Rudi Pendavingh. A linear bound for the Colin de Verdière parameter $\mu$ for graphs embedded on surfaces
  19. Mónica Reyes, Cristina Dalfó, Miquel Angel Fiol and Anrau Messegué. On the algebraic connectivity of token graphs of a cycle
  20. Henk Alkema and Mark de BergEuclidean One-of-a-Set TSP
  21. Guillermo EstebanDan Halperin, Víctor Ruíz, Vera Sacristán and Rodrigo SilveiraShortest coordinated motion for a pair of square robots
  22. Simon D. Fink and Ignaz RutterMaintaining Triconnected Components under Node Expansion
  23. Sarita de Berg, Frank Staals and Tillmann MiltzowTowards Space Efficient Two-Point Shortest Path Queries in a Polygonal Domain
  24. Attila Jung. Radon number of graph families
  25. Julian Pfeifle. Proving non-realizability with grass-plucker3
  26. Rahul Jain, Marco Ricci, Jonathan Rollin and André Schulz. On the geometric thickness of 2-degenerate graphs
  27. Luis Crespo Ruiz and Francisco SantosRealizations of multiassociahedra via rigidity
  28. Oswin AichholzerStefan Felsner, Rosna Paul, Manfred Scheucher and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Perfect Bichromatic Matchings with Crossings
  29. Patrizio Angelini, Michael Bekos, Julia Katheder, Michael Kaufmann and Maximilian Pfister. Axis-Parallel Right Angle Crossing Graphs
  30. Carla BinucciEmilio Di GiacomoGiuseppe LiottaMichael Kaufmann and Alessandra Tappinik-planar Placement and Packing of \Delta-regular Caterpillars
  31. Mark de Berg, Leyla Biabani, Morteza Monemizadeh and Leonidas Theocharous. Clustering with Obstacles
  32. Mart Hagedoorn and Valentin Polishchuck. 2-point link distance queries in polygonal domains
  33. Oswin Aichholzer, Joachim Orthaber and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Crossing-Free Hamiltonian Cycles in Simple Drawings of Complete Graphs
  34. Meghana M. Reddy, Michael Hoffmann and Emanuel Seemann. Hamiltonian Cycles and Matchings in 1-planar Graphs
  35. Nicholas Bieker, Thomas Bläsius, Emil Dohse and Paul JungeblutRecognizing Unit Disk Graphs in Hyperbolic Geometry is ER-Complete
  36. Alexander Dobler, Martin Nöllenburg, Daniel Stojanovic, Anaïs Villedieu and Jules Wulms. Crossing Minimization in Time Interval Storylines
  37. Jean CardinalThe Complexity of Intersection Graphs of Lines in Space and Circle Orders
  38. Felix Weitbrecht. Interactive Exploration of the Temporal α-Shape
  39. Felix Weitbrecht. On the number of Delaunay Simplices over all Time Window in any Dimension
  40. Herman HaverkortVorosketch and the L0 distance
  41. Signe Lundqvist, Klara Stokes and Lars-Daniel Öhman. Applying The Pebble Game Algorithm to Rod Configurations
  42. Michael Hoffmann and Meghana M. Reddy. The Number of Edges in Maximal 2-planar Graphs
  43. Jakob Baumann, Matthias Pfretzschner and Ignaz Rutter. Parameterized Complexity of Vertex Splitting to Pathwidth at most 1
  44. Sándor FeketeDominik KrupkeMichael PerkChristian Rieck and Christian Scheffer. Circling a Square: The Lawn Mowing Problem Is Algebraically Hard
  45. Thijs van der Horst, Tim Ophelders and Bart van der Steenhoven. Simply Realising an Imprecise Polyline is NP-hard
  46. Kevin Buchin, Joachim Gudmundsson, Antonia Kalb, Carolin Rehs, André van Renssen and Sampson Wong. Oriented Spanners
  47. Haim Kaplan, Katharina Klost, Kristin Knorr, Wolfgang Mulzer and Liam Roditty. Insertion-Only Dynamic Connectivity in General Disk Graphs
  48. Freija van Lent, Julian Golak, Alexander Grigoriev and Aida Abiad. An s-t Jordan curve crossing boundaries of a set of disk-homeomorphic objects in the plane
  49. Julia Katheder, Stephen G. Kobourov, Axel Kuckuk, Maximilian Pfister and Johannes Zink. Simultaneous Drawing of Layered Trees
  50. Erwin Glazenburg, Frank Staals and Marc van Kreveld. Classification of 2D bichromatic points with outliers
  51. Stefan Funke and Sabine Storandt. Gradual Simplification of Polylines
  52. Panos Giannopoulos and Sergio CabelloThe Fréchet mean in the space of segments
  53. This paper was withdrawn by the authors.
  54. Michal Opler, Pavel Valtr and Tung Anh Vu. On the Arrangement of Hyperplanes Determined by n Points
  55. Kevin BuchinMaike Buchin, Joachim Gudmundsson, Aleksandr Popov and Sampson Wong. Map Matching Queries Under Fréchet Distance on Low-Density Spanners
  56. Ignaz Rutter and Peter Stumpf. Simultaneous Representation of Interval Graphs in the Sunflower Case
  57. J. Andreas Bærentzen, Rasmus E. Christensen, Emil Toftegaard Gæde and Eva Rotenberg. On Computing Local Separators for Skeletonization
  58. Minh Tuan Ha, Paul Jungeblut and Torsten UeckerdtPrimal-Dual Cops and Robber
  59. Daniel Bertschinger, Nicolas El Maalouly, Linda Kleist, Tillmann Miltzow and Simon WeberThe Complexity of Recognizing Geometric Hypergraphs
  60. Peyman Afshani and Aniket Basu RoyPacking Fréchet Balls
  61. Ondřej Chwiedziuk, Barbora Dohnalová and Miroslav Horský. Non-convex position of lines in R3
  62. Thijs van der Horst and Tim Ophelders. Computing Minimum Complexity 1D Curve Simplifications under the Fréchet Distance
  63. Vahideh Keikha. A Heuristic Algorithm for Maximal Contained Polyhedrons
  64. Patricia Bachmann and Ignaz RutterCrossing Optimization in Neighborhood Drawings
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